What To Consider While Buying A Vivo Y33s Smart Phone


Vivo Y33s: Availability and price An Indian company called Spice Digital has teamed up with popular mobile phone brand, Nokia to produce a very attractive and advanced smartphone called Vivo Y 33s. This smartphone is equipped with features such as high resolution camera, 2 mega pixel screen, Android OS 2.2, Glide interface, Quick response time, O RA Bonus feature and many more. It also has a powerful media player with millions of songs. It comes with a very attractive price tag, which is sure to attract attention of the users. Vivo Y 33s is also available in many other colors such as White, Black, Pink, Silver, Graphite and Gold. vivo y33s

Mediatek Helio: High Definition Camera module This smartphone has been equipped with some of the best high definition camera module present in the market today, the Mediatek HELIO camera module. With the help of this particular module, the photographs taken with the phone are of excellent quality. The images are also shown on the home screen while using the device. Moreover, this camera module also allows the users to play various video clips, slide show and even movies. This means that the vivid colors and the advanced image rendering offered by the smartphone are enhanced.

One of the unique features of Vivo Y 33s smartphone is the presence of an IRIS camera. This camera has the ability to detect heat and motion and automatically adjusts the IR filter of the unit in order to provide crystal clear display. Furthermore, the presence of an IR filter reduces the chance of experiencing eye strain or burning eyes. The user can also adjust the color options of his phone according to his preferences, which is very useful for those who like to change the color of their phones every now and then. In addition, the user can also adjust the clarity and saturation of the images which ensures that he gets the best images from his device.

Colors: Users can change the color options of their phones according to their own liking. The Vivo Y 33s has an impressive color range which includes vibrant reds, pinks, blues, greens and yellows. This handset has a complete set of hardware including camera, CPU, RAM and gSM modem. All these features along with OVIameOS2 engine provide a visually stunning experience to the users. In fact, this handset comes with two cameras, sixGB internal memory, fourGB card, two-tone ringtone and many other features which simply amaze the users.

Camera Performance: Users can easily take snaps of images with the aid of their smartphones and the Vivo Y33s has one such unique feature of a triple camera setup. This setup allows the users to click on the pictures they like and get an option to enlarge them. The facility of a triple camera setup also makes the Vivo Y33s very efficient in providing the users with a comprehensive set of features. It features a wide angle lens with optical zoom as well. The optical zoom facility helps the users to fix the focus on a precise area. Moreover, it helps to remove unwanted noise in the pictures.

Value For Money: The price of the Vivo Y33s is really affordable and that is another reason why it can be considered as value for money. It comes under the budget range and hence can be bought by individuals who are looking for a good phone with features at an affordable price. Moreover, this handset comes under the reputed brand names of Sony Ericsson and Nokia. With all these benefits, it is easy for the users to buy video y33s and enjoy the best moments with their cameras. So, go ahead and buy vivo Y33s from online stores and get your desired handset at the earliest.

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